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The PERTAN Group PAVER Team provides management services and tools to optimize the use of maintenance resource dollars. We offer a full range of services from setting up an initial pavement inventory to conducting budget analyses.
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About Us

We are a consulting firm with extensive knowledge and experience in the field, making us a great fit for those looking for maintenance management support with city streets, county roads, highways, parking lots, airport runways, taxiways and more. We work with organizations such as Colorado cities and counties and federal bodies to customize pavement maintenance management plans to fit any pavement inventory.
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Our Services

Customized to meet your pavement maintenance management needs.

  • 01
    Develop and organize pavement inventory
  • 02
    Assess the current condition of pavements
  • 03
    Develop models to predict future conditions
  • 04
    Report on past and future pavement performance
  • 05
    Develop scenarios for M&R based on budget and condition requirements
  • 06
    Plan projects
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